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A lovely black and white pinto, an eye catching beauty that everyone loves, has an eye in the sky. She has a sweet personality and will follow you anywhere and is a master at begging for treats.  She is 13 years old and slow and steady is her mantra.  She is no hurry to get anywhere and works at a steady, even pace.  A natural jumper and beautiful mover we are excited to see her grow as our program grows.


Serafina is our big red headed Warmblood mare.  Being a mare she lets her moods be known and teaches the kids even more so than the trainer because her facial expressions will say everything that is on her mind. She demands her riders learn proper riding and will be patient why they learn how to properly speak her language and doesn't give out any freebies. Just as we love to reward our horses with treats for jobs well done, she rewards her riders with snuggles and love when they get it right. Just don't forget her apple.


The resident bay Thoroughbred who lives to jump. The higher, the faster, the better.  Oh so patient for those learning to post a trot or jump a cross rail he is just waiting for the time to go, go, GO! He thinks he is a long lost descendant of Pegasus and will do anything to prove he has wings and that together you will fly.

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